The Day After

Well the inauguration was yesterday and the media has been fawning over the new president and all of his day one executive orders. I am dumbfounded on how anyone thinks any of those choices of his are good for this nation.

It sort of reminds me of a book that I have just finished reading by George Orwell called, “The Road to Wigan Pier”. It was a recommendation from Jordan Peterson in one of his amazing videos. The book describes some of the misery in England pre-WWII and how Orwell believes that socialism is the only possible way forward due to the era of machines. The only other possibility in his mind is fascism a close relative to socialism. I believe that the dire straights of the industrial era was the cause for the limitation in his choices. However he despises capitalism in his belief that it has caused the massive unemployment that was happening at the time. At least that was my take away…

What makes people think that government is ever the solution instead of the problem? Yes it seems to be necessary but in a limited role. It should not choose winners and losers but impartially govern.

Justice was considered blind in America but with the marxist and racist movement of Black Lives Matter, Inc and so called Antifa which to me is really just the Blac Block that I witnessed while living in Europe, we see a trend to remove impartiality in all adjudication both legally and socially.

Well it is my intention of not letting any of our Bill of Rights be shut down most especially the right to free speech so I am creating this site in order to allow discussion of all things… however it is my site and I can allow or disallow anything because I also believe in the Fifth Amendment of private property rights.

I have deleted my facebook, reddit and twitter accounts. Will you?